MB Trac 1300/1500 Full Pack v2.0

Hello, Today I am sending a mod at the end of the adventure with ls 17. This is a full version of this MB TRac 1300/1500 model. They have a different characteristic bonnet.

- Engine MB 1300
- Engine MB 1500

All functions List:
- The textures are renewed!
- Full washable
- New Michelin wheels
- 3 x rims configurations
- New design configurations
- New configuration with air conditioning
- Loader console configuration
- Front hydraulics animation
- Real exhaust animation
- New grill section
- New steering and turning radius
- Real sounds
- IC animation
- Animated parts
- Door opener
- Full lights system
- Indoor Huds Animation
- Additional stickers
- Dynamic hose (Dynamic Hose)
- Real vehicle physics
- Engine versions, Additional details for the engine model!

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* All changes with the permission of the author!
* Please respect my contribution do not change the link!
* Please do not make any changes without my knowledge!

T0bi69, Pics by Marcel ,FabianLs, deeezer


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