Silvercrest Valley reloaded v1.0.2

This mod may only be offered with the original link on other pages!

Seed stock exchanged
Various Tarrain Fixes
Pallets prices adjusted
Yield of potatoes and turnips reduced again to the standard
I'll take over the support of Silvercrest Valley from now on

Still to find animals at the farm.
Farm Silo Capacity has been increased and more fruits have been added which can be stored there.
The card is now Platinum Ready. (Sugarcane can be planted and harvested)

Various productions have been added:
For the productions fuel is needed, which you get at the gas station as usual or at the biodiesel refinery.
With the fuel you can set the sawmill (Stanton-Sawmill) in progress.
Of course you need wood for that and you have 3 ways to cut down trees or you can get wooden pallets from Mary's Farm.
Mary likes to fell wood, but always leaves the stumps.
The tree stumps provide you with woodchips that can be delivered to the OSB plant of Pfeifer in order to produce compressed wood pallets with the help of fuel.
If you have your wood then the board pallets can start production.
With which you then have to drive to the pallet plant to fuel with it, the pallets production must go on.
If you have pallets, then the production doors are open to all other productions.

Sugar Factory:
sugar beets
empty pallets

Brown and white sugar

Milk processing:
empty pallets

Cheese and H-milk

empty pallets

Beer in cask and in bottles
Potato scrubber:
empty pallets

Washed potatoes (increased sales price)

Further productions without empty pallets:
Soy milk production
Seed, fertilizer and liquid fertilizer production
Animal processing
Biodiesel refinery

Wool from the sheep.
Fabric frames are provided at the Stoffgestell Schmiede.
At Klaerwerk you can pick up fresh purified water and do it completely for free
At Pelletsplatz, owners of the Straw Addons can park their pellet shed and have a warehouse for manual storage.
If you do not use the straw addon, you can put something else there.
At box 14 there are feed mixers.
Manure and fermentation residues are stored at the Transport Company.

Required mods:
Stop Milk sale
HoFFi's Schmitz Cargobull (Dynamic Hose)
Michieletto AM19 (Kastor Food Ready)

Recommended mod
Kotte Feldbinder

bug fixes:
The gold nuggets were repositioned
Signs were repositioned
Black flickering textures were fixed
In the sale by train, the fruits were entered which were still missing

Implimented mods:
More Trees
Since there are many trees, I have added the script.

Ground Response
Extends the soil texture. Tires sink into the field depending on the soil conditions and behave more dynamically in the event of bumps and wet soil.

Tire Dirt
Adds more dynamic tire dirt to all wheels. Pollution of the tires is changed separately for each tire depending on the ground.

Wood chips fall to the ground when trees are cleared instead of just disappearing

Manure Mod
When using this mod, Mist will immediately add an increment of +1 to it.

Yield mod
Realistic yield

Modell: Giants
Textur: Ap0lLo, Kastor
Script: Kevink98-Kastor-Marhu
Idee / Konzept: Ap0lLo
Tester: Ap0lLo


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