Russia Kamaz Pack Specialtrans v1.0

This pack includes KAMAZ-chassis and trailer chassis for transporting containers and modules, as well as the containers themselves (regular and refrigerator) and modules (fuel truck, gas carrier, agricultural truck body with the possibility of refueling seeders, a tank for applying liquid fertilizers to the fields and sand spreader - works only with "SEASONS", the name should be only like that - FS17_RM_Seasons - WILL NOT WORK ANOTHER, and sandblast for snow removal.) When buying, there is a choice of attributes of a fuel truck, a road truck and a container ship, as well as a choice of a spoiler, stickers or without, many options motor firs (each with its own sound) and three transmissions. Containers are installed only by a manipulator or a crane from Andy's zil pack. All other modules have a choice in the store - “crane installation” or “truck bed”. Request to the owners of these cars - watch carefully for overload. It’s not worth the container, with a volume of 28.200 cu., To fill up with cement, I think that cube 20 will be enough, otherwise you will get an overload and, as a result, a “broken” suspension. Authors: Eraevgenij, Shoker, Alex44Rus, Evgen333, vladimir.loko, SHOOTER_059.


vladimir.loko, SHOOTER_059


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