Volvo container pack v0.1

so since then I have times my container packing for you.
I think that I need you not told much.
Look at the picture from a shop is here in the gallery there what the container loading and how much
again a collaboration between TSL and my part.

Included in the package:
2 container
Mfg Eastside

The mod can anywhere else without my consent
DL are provided.
Mod ne peut être mis nulle part sans mon approbation
autrement le DL.
The Mod may nowhere be put without my
approval differently DL

EastSide / TSL



  • colin (Guest)

    2016-12-29 10:28:34

    ou on peut trouver le maniscopic ?

  • Anthony (Guest)

    2016-12-30 06:54:30

    nice mod would have been better with the telehandler pictured picking up the crates :(

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