2018 Volvo VHD dump truck v1.0.2

Hello guys here i would like to give you the 2018 volvo VHD dump truck from hum3d modeles  its holds 100 000 liters and it has  underglow by using f button along with high beam headlights and low beam head lights and lights on the cab whitch is blue and blue head lights and its has a custom build bed linder whitch is color selections and the interior nothing fancy  and it has 4 types of light bar options and also has 7 types of exzaust choices  and it has color selection for the cab and the wood sides and it has a spreading option for spreading materal for like making drive ways and a option for just dumping and it also has 2 tax axles that go up and down using key pad 9 hope you like this mod all credits goes to me and lan rimmer and bart manning for the model   

you will need winzip or 7zip to extract the file and once extracted just copy and paste to mods.


Bcbuhler edited by seanpierce hum3d model lan rimmer model purchased and gave lan the model is bart banning


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