JCB Fastrac 4000 Serie Full Pack v1.0

JCB Fastrac 4000 series. Models 4160/4190/4220

Exclusive design contains the exact model and a lot of scripts.

It was my mod from a private collection for a long time. But fs17 ends, so maybe someone will like it and use it on the farm

The cabin model and base come from Madfox, the hood and many other model elements after my and the Avirum3D edition.
Version 1.0 -> A Full Version 1.0 with many features and no errors in the log and MP game. The first and last version because of the short time. FS 19 comes with this model in the base.

Main information:
-> From 160 to 217 hp
-> 5 sets of tires (2xTrelleborg) (2xMichelin) (1xContinental)
-> Choice of rim colors (3 options)
-> design options, black version and grill selection (white / black)
-> Full Washbar
-> New, real texture
-> Quicke FL with a color picker
-> IC Script
-> Full lighting (optional as an option)
-> Mirrors
-> Speedometer and tachometer
-> Hydraulic Animation (Folding hydraulics with IC)
-> Open bonnet (IC)
-> animations of engine elements
-> Dynamic Pants (DH)
-> Dynamic Exhaust Effects
-> Active selection of swivel wheels
-> Many additives on the IC buttons (warning, flags, RDA, trumpets, license plates)
-> You will not find any errors in the LOG

That's a ban on editing this JCB 4000 and deployment modules on the page with a different link!

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ExtremeBB, Avirum3D, MadFox


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