[FBM Team] Fendt Farmer 100 Pack v1.0

This vintage pack includes:

Fendt Farmers 102s, 103s, 104s, 105s, 106s, and 108s

Fendt Farmer 102sa, 103sa, 104sa, 105sa, 106sa, and 108sa
Fendt Farmer 100 Pack

Today we present you a nice vintage pack.

Fendt Farmer 102s, 103s, 104s, 105s, 106s, 108s and SA versions.

(I do not know 100% original but I think you're looking forward to it too);)
What can he do?

IC control



Pedals and circuit animated.
He is not 100% ready that comes in the LS19 (but that you can still have fun in the 17er you get it now)

We thank all modders whose shares we have received!

Giants Software GmbH
Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de
Ingame Ls17: Polofreak211 (FBM Oldtimer-Team)


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