STALINSKIY PACK 1930-1945 v1.1

Thanks to the participants of the Great Patriotic War and home front workers in her years.
The method supplements the Stalinsky pack of technicians and equipment 19Z0-1945.
The composition of the first part of the Stalinist pack:
- Harrow-3 link;
- Harrow-9 link;
- P-4-30-U;
- P-3-30;
- recounted-24
- ZP-10;
- C-60 Stalinets;
- SLSH-1;
- OTP;
- RMU;
- Chain for uprooting;
- Winch for the C-60 Stalinets;
- GAZ-55;
- GAZ-67;
- Cans;
- GAZ-AA-grain;
- GAZ-1M;
- GBT-2.5 right;
- GBT-2.5 left;
- ZP-5;
- Tedder;
- KP-2.1;
- Putilovets;
- SHTZ 15/30;
- Volokushka front to SHTZ;
- Rick;
- EIT;
- Manure spreader;
- Stalinets-1;
- Grain reaper;
- Reaper silage;
- Keeper;
- ZIS-5V modular;
- Modular body board;
- Modular body tank;
- Modular body barrel for water;
- Modular body manure spreader;
- Barrel trailer for manure;
- ZiS-5;
- ZiS-6;
- Dissolution;
- ZIS-6-crane;
- ZiS-10;
- Semi trailer;
- Traverse;
- In the miscellaneous section: ax, towing chain, washing hose, bow saw, spit, GAZ-M415;
- In the static objects section: the support is tracked;
- It is also necessary to install or download: stationary feed mixer, stationary silage tower for the production of silage.
It is not designated for the cultivation of corn, the trunk, the carriage and the bells, and also the generation of pigs.
Also other mods that fit the Studebaker, T-34, Rifle, M4 Automatic
P.S .: Pak is big, so errors are not excluded, but since The technique is interesting and rather rare - it is published as an exception. Administration.
Version 1.1 for Farming Simulator 2017 (v1.5.x):
- Fixed bugs (there were only warnings on the buttons, not critical);
- Removed some fashion curves;
- Some mods are in the miscellaneous section.



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