Kuhn profiles Pack v1.0

I have used very much the Pack in LS15 and have now made it available for LS17. I have fixed the bugs known to me.
There are 2 versions of the Modpack.
Version 1 FS17_Kuhn_Profile_Pack_Standard.zip
This version can be the mixing trailer as zufor with grass, straw, silage but not filled with feed or mixed feed.
Version 2 FS17_Kuhn_Profile_Pack_Mischstation.zip
In this version, only feed and compound feed may be introduced. Ideal for someone who has a mixing station. There can be no grass, straw, silage are filled
To make it easier to distinguish the two versions scored 2 beacons the mixing station version.
There are these two versions because it is not provided by the script forth to fill the mixer wagon with food.
Original LS15 ModPack comes from monteur1.

Modell: monteur1Textur: Script:Idee / Konzept: Tester:Sonstige: LS15 ModPack monteur1



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