Update version

The MAN TGS 18.440 had the sound of the Tatra - gefixed

The Mist vapor ParticleSystem went only with the MAN TGS 26.480 - now goes with all trucks and trailers as it should be

The trucks tended to turn in the wrong direction - gefixed

All trucks and trailers can now also be used on fertilizer and seed triggers, e.g. the pallets

The lorries are no longer listed in the map with the symbol trailer but in the one with the tractor icon
Description from version

Тhe conversion of my Fliegl transport pack took a few days more than thought.

This is due to the fact that it has not only been 'bluntly' converted, but has been extended by new functions and optimally optimized.

Scania and Iveco have flown!

Both did not meet the LS 17 standard when it comes to the interior.

However, in addition to the MAN truck version, this also includes a Tatra version.

Everything has remained the same for the followers.

Furthermore, the tandem and the rotary platform are included.

Facts about the pack:

When you have loaded manure, a steam PS is created in the trough. Of course only as long as the tarpaulin is open.

A license plate can be selected for all vehicles from this pack. (Austrian version, since I myself am Austrians)

In the case of the trucks, you can now choose the cabin color and body color separately

All trucks have some animated parts. (If you press the button again, the windshield wiper lever, the display for the water temperature, the air pressure (which sinks slightly at each push pressure for the brakes).

From 20:00 to 07:00, or when it is foggy, light cones can be seen at all lights. Also with the blinkers and the round lights!

All vehicles from this pack are equipped with dynamic hoses.

Inside, there are plush cubes and a wonder tree that also wiggle. These are freely selectable by configuration

You can also choose the tarpaulin color for all vehicles from this pack.

The securing pin at the troughs is also animated. You only have to pay attention when you tilt left or right.

Broom and shovel at the front of the trough of all vehicles, as a decoration. These are freely selectable as configuration

Short version of the MAN and Tatra have been added.

Three-axis rotary stirrers and tridem have been added.

On all trucks you can choose an additional work light so that you have clear visibility even at night!

GIANTS Software GmbH, Zetor6245, Crowler, da-hoffi, Farmer_Andy, Blacky_BPG, Xentro, Ifko[nator]



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