Placeable Farm Bio Raffinerie v1.0


As the name says it is a small bio diesel plant with tank and extra tank and sales trigger.
The tank is refilled on the right side in two steps per 2500 liters.

Fuel - Diesel
Rapeseed meal - Pig protein, cow basic food (based on statements on Bauer pages) or manure
Everything is great
Script: mCompanyFactory (based on Marhu's factory script) + addFilltypes (RC-Devil) for the rapeseed meal
Fruit destruction works! - on the map on picture, the grass is not destructible!

Skinning; Funktion;Aufbau; versch.Objekte: t2kModding;Containers-tech.Objects: Manuel,Tanke: unbekannt,Scheinwerfer: unbekannt,Foerderband Model: Marhu,Silos: Unbekannt;Hoftanke: Giants;DieselVk; Grube-Objekt: Typho0nScripts: Kevink98, RC-Devil


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