Yagodnoe map v1.0

- storage of grain crops
- warehouse of vegetables
- warehouse of hay, straw, grass
- seed storage
- Fertilizer storage area (liquid and dry)
- warehouse of refined grain
- fuel storage

- production of refined grain ((for the production of cereals is required - we obtain purified grain, grain waste)
- Seed production (for production requires purified grain, liquid fertilizer)
- dairy (milk is required for production - we get kefir and fermented milk)
- bakery (for production requires milk, peeled grain - we get bread)
- a meat-packing plant (for production animals are required - we receive meat and sausage)
- production of feed for pigs (production requires root crops, corn or soybeans, grain waste)
- production of mixed fodder (for cows) (production requires root crops, hay, straw, silage)
- sawmill (production requires trees - we get chips and boards on pallets)

The points of sale are registered on the PDA, there is a point of sale of seeds (we sell to RegionAgroVolga) and the point of sale of milk (we sell for dairy, school)
With the card there are 2 more files - StopMilk (to stop the automatic sale of milk) and a warehouse of round bales.
They do not need to be bought, they are already in the initial saving of the card.

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