Maple Creek v1.0.1

Maple Field is a small town on Maple Creek, which originates from high in the Rocky Mountains. In this stream a lot of gold was once mined and is still very rich in gold. But farmers and loggers have for many years a large part of the economy in Maple Field.
To continue to ensure the supply of the city, the residents need assistance in the woods, in the fields, in the stables or on the biogas plant.
In this sense, enjoy exploring the map.

Information on the map
I mainly installed the buildings of the standard LS17 Maps and used only a few extra mods. All functions of the Standard Map should work on Maple Creek. However, since there were problems with the collision, does the tipping against walls only work in some buildings where I have installed a tip collision.

Required Mods:
Halle package (placeable)
Biomass stock and machine shop (placeable)

Modell: Redkeinstus bzw. GiantsTextur: GiantsScript: GiantsIdee / Konzept: RedkeinstusTester: RedkeinstusSonstige:Hallenpaket: Agrarteam FrankenBiomasselager und Maschinenhalle: Katsuo - Agrarteam FrankenSplinStreet- und CrossingConstructor: TracMaxForstobjekte: SkYH0UND Modding



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