Courses retracted to Nordfriesische march NEW v2.1

Courses retracted to Nordfriesische march NEW v2.1

Version 2.1 new quadruple
New courses set up for almost all fields of the southern island retracted Inselhof South
New courses retracted for all northernmost fields
- superfluous courses deleted
- As always existing courses further revised or retracted

I have time courses for the nordfriesische march without burials 2.2. Unzip the zip file and save it in the corresponding courseplay folder. The folder system should be self-explanatory.
Drilling, harrowing and grubbering has a working width of 6m unless otherwise stated. Plow plow = work with Lemken under hook at 8m working width.
Mist drive 20m working width
Folder of straw = straw swathing presses and swathing with lely schwader
Folder grass = grass mowing, swath ect
The liquid manure courses / liquid manure courses may still need the field edge container. However, this results from the course. You can see where the trecker remains. It is self-explanatory.

Thomas Gärtner (@ GitHub)
Claus G. Pedersen (@ GitHub)


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