KFX Fortuna v1.7.9 by Igor Alekseevich

Fixed realtor (now the purchase of fields and industries is displayed correctly).
The fields were changed now only 12 but larger than the size.
Removed unnecessary features in the settings of the map menu.
Added new sounds to the card.
Added gardens of apples and pears.
Yoghurt plant is added.
New scenery.

The terrain is redone from One Russian region for fs 17.
In a set of fashion on the map in the collective farm of the Farmers Fortuna.

Changes 1.6.3
Fixed minor bugs and not only ...
A molding shop was added and the archive of the map was made easier.
It is necessary to start a new career or transfer the preservation.

Changes 1.7.8
Improvement of plants and storage facilities.
Correction of the landscape.
Minor corrections.

Changes 1.7.9
Fixed bugs in the scripts of the economy.

sokur196, Alexander Alexandrovich, Igor Alekseevich



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