Hermanns Eck - Welcome to the green valley v1.1


Some time has passed since the Court took over, and you have shown first results! Old Fritz keeps looking at the new machines and the reconstruction of his (now yours) yard.
That you open so in your new vocation, even you would not have thought. But where there is light, there is shadow! The harvest you brought in was not exactly the best. Various beginners mistakes led to it, one learns time with time.
To feed your livestock, you have only a few bales left over. Grain and silos are empty, the next harvest must come! ... you just forgot to sow them. Gone stupid. It's not too late yet, so get to work with you.


A full month has passed since the release of v1, enough time to fix minor bugs and edit the map a bit. By and large, the map was made playable by this update. A look into the changelog should actually say everything.

Changelog v1.1:
- Main courtyard rebuilt / expanded
- Added shelves to the main courtyard
- Freezing pigs gefixed
- Added seed sales at the country trade
- Sale of loose straw gefixed
- Space for Placeable Objects expanded
- Pallet Spawner moved to the sheep
- Lay eggs in a heap
- Wopsters hose system installed
- Lighting installed
- Dealer Teleporte straightened
- The Raiffeisen slightly adjusted the concrete barriers
- adapted the compost and lime sale
- Collision of the bridge processed
- Milk sold by hand

The rest is all remained the same, I keep major changes for a V2 open ^^
I wish you a lot of fun with the update. Wishes and suggestions for V2 you can post their WiP thread, support is available in the dedicated thread: beer:
WiP thread: Hermanns Eck - Welcome to the green valley
Support Thread: Hermanns Eck - Official Support Thread [v1.1]
As synonymous with the V1, I offer you the map without waiting with a direct download link. As before, I would like to make you happy with the map, this version is ultimately based on your feedback on V1.
It remains so with the old, no one should spend this money, only those who really want can do this via PayPal: [email protected] - I thank you in advance to anyone who is grateful in this way shows, and thank you me again with the donors who have thought of me at the v1.
From the start of construction until the release of the V1.1 by the way almost a whole year has passed, missing only a few days: D

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