Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2014 Facelift LWB v1.3

Today I´ll give my Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2014 with a long wheelbase for download.

Version 1.3
- Innenraumlicht eingefügt

- Choosable Color
- Choosable Wheels ( Normal and 4 ton wheels)
- Working tension belts
- Animated doors

To do:
- trailer hitch
- beacons
- IC Control
- Passenger script

It is not allowed to
re-upload this mod
Now I wish you a lot of fun with this vehicle

Modell: GloriusModding/ Tim251316(MinewarsLP)/ Tubeltgaming
Textur: GloriusModding/ Tim251316(MinewarsLP)/ Tubeltgaming
Script: Giants
Idee / Konzept: GloriusModding/ Tim251316(MinewarsLP)
Tester: GloriusModding/ Tim251316(MinewarsLP)


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