Farming Simulator 17 Platinum Add-On v 1.0

Farming Simulator 17 Platinum Edition is Released!

With the new Platinum edition of this game, users will be able to explore a South American location with realistic landscapes that include cows, sugarcane fields, authentic vegetation and more. There will also be more choices when it comes to how you choose to develop your farming business.

There are a number of Farming Simulator 2017 mods that you will be able to enjoy with this brand new DLC. The local cows in this add-on content offer a real sense of authenticity that you didn’t get before, and it’s truly mind blowing. The addition of sugarcane to the different crops you can harvest is something else that you’ll be able to look forward to.

The Case IH A8800 MR allows you to harvest your sugar cane with the utmost efficiency and accuracy. This machine makes for a total of 275 authentic vehicles and equipment designed specifically for farming.

The Platinum version of this game is an exciting new expansion that has a lot to offer. The Farming Simulator 2017 mods enhance gameplay and experience in a way that all users can enjoy. This new content is available to PC/Mac users as well as those who play on a PS4 or Xbox One console. The variety of new features that are available make this farming simulation game a lot more fun and enjoyable as a whole.

Some of the different vehicles that you will be able to use for farming include the Massey Ferguson MF 4709, STARA ST Max 105, and STARA ST MAX 150/180 tractors. There is also the STARA Imperador 3.0 sprayer and the Lizard Convertible.

When it comes to harvesters, there is the FMZ Bizon Super Z056, the Lizard SWT 7 and the Case IH A8800 Multi-Row. You will find that there are lots of new equipment choices that you’ll have access to with this new DLC, such as the Single Row Billet Planter from Gessner Industries. There is also the Colossus 10,000 sugarcane harvester from TT. The bonus equipment includes the Massey Ferguson MF 9030 sprayer.

All in all, the new Farming Simulator 2017 mods are quite exciting to say the least, and they offer players the opportunity to make new choices and use lots of new equipment.



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