Author's words: Gas-66 open test with modules. I will not write prices from the store as I never focus attention on it myself. DESCRIPTION:
1) GAZ-66 because I cut the whole model I had to throw the bones off the model. Animation: raising the cab, opening the doors, opening the vents, lowering the glass, opening the engine cover in the cab, wipers, flashing light, all this is enabled using IC control. animation of pulleys, fan, engine drives. Animation mudguards, bridges, cardan. The light is completely redone. The light is turned on only by the player himself from the cockpit using the IC control (all tips in the F1 help). Added a little nakata. Added taillights. Added a sign of GOST of the USSR.
2) The on-board module with the tent, nothing has changed here, everything remains as it is.
3) The module of the body of the selhoznik. Animation of unloading on three sides of the additional box.
4) Module platform auto-selection of bales pallet boxes.
5) The module product booth - transports all products on the map. Door opening.
6) Module of the dynamic hoses, animation saddle.
7) Semi-trailer for module-dynamic hoses. animation of bridges, mudguards. lighting. rim color selection.
8) Module body for semi-trailer transports bulk material. animation unloading on two sides. choice of body color, the choice of color locks on the sides.
9) Module platform for semi-trailer, side opening animation, belts, choice of body color, choice of color locks on the sides. automatic selection of bales, pallets, boxes. auto-unloading
10) Module container for semi-trailer, transportation of manufactured products on the map. door opening. 11) The timber truck module for the semi-trailer-animation of chains, autoloading / autoloading logs. In addition, transportation of a bar of chipboard of concrete slabs.
12) Module tank for semi-trailer-transports all possible liquids on the map and methane too))). the choice of color barrels, the choice of color labels. Throughout the fashion log is clean. All info in the game store and help F1.



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