Version v1.1
Fixed several bugs (Decals and others)
New Dirt
New Tires BKT
Added hose animated on front visor

Hello! Here is the very first mod made by Iron Farmer and me for farming Simulator 2017, Italian model, the model is a 3-axle dumper to be used in large grain, silage and chip transport companies, we have devoted several days to modeling and Ingame then please respect my original link, I wish you a good fun, in the future there will be updated versions, below the various specifications and functions:
The mod is double-plain, with the Z key you can remove the superimposed
Plain with overlay: 42000 lt
Plain without overlay: 38000 lt
Functional lights, lateral foot traffic lights with directional arrows
Dual lifting piston animations, tailgate pistons, tailgate, tailgate lock
Exhaust Particle and Default Exhaust 2017
The mod is equipped with washable dirt
Tire tracks
Numpad 7: open and close the ladder
Numpad 8: open and close toolbox
Z button: remove the superimposed
Iron farmer page:
A special thanks to Rb modding for the help of ingame model and stv-modding for tips.

Model: Iron farmerTexture: Gianlufarmer92Script: rafftnix, Gianlufarmer92Idea / Concept: Iron farmer, Gianlufarmer92Testing: Gianlufarmer92, iron farmer, rb modding, killercrock88, fmarco95 staff, Alex farmer


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