PJ Trailer 25ft Plus Log Trailer v1.0

This Is My Converted PJ Trailer I am still working on the 40 ft trailer but here is the v1 of The 25 Ft Note There Is Errors still in mod Because of this being a new game version there is not a lot of info on how to fix issue yet but errors has not affected game play in any way and tension straps has been added If You dont mind having a few errors till I find a fix till then here you go lights work just have not added turn signals yet will be done in v2 after iv found fix for other light errors there is two trailers the standard 25ft and my pickup version log trailer both trailers has had a floor upgrade to dark hardwood looking floors have fun with it till v2 Im liking having them back loaded log trailer in pics did not have head rack added at time
second Note for those that has not spotted my gooseneck converted lizard TT pickup here is direct link you will need it or another with gooseneck ball  link posted in first comment box

Lost track of who Made the PJ Trailer Hats Off Great modsthunderhawk09 fs17 conversion



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