KOGEL v2.1.1

In version
Added pallets with balloons for gas transportation
Transportation chipboard added
Replaced the dirt on the tent with a more realistic one (the dirt is taken from a different version of the mod)
The choice of design at purchase.
Now you can choose
tent design of 7 different options:
SOURCE, Sovtransavto blue, Sovtransavto white,
Blue awning, PEC, Russian Post and Yellow awning.
Increased volume to 40000l
Boards open, (mouse)
Soiled / washed,
Working lighting,
The tent is put away
Fully loading bales, rolls, pallets, pallets,
It also transports additional cultures from the Dary Caucasus map, and other maps on DK scripts.
Corrected location of pallets with products.
Now the trailer can transport products.

artemich, Andy Vertlib, OreL RuS


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