Ursus 914/1014 v2.0 Beta

Authors: Giants, CatFan18 Mods & Czarnel Edits

Price: 25000 €

Max. Power: 82-95 km

Max. Speed: 35 km / h

Maintenance: 190 € / day


- Front linkage

- Front loader console

- Front weight

- Tires

- Engine

- Lights

Color configurations:

- Rims

- Body


- IC panel (door, rear window, roof, mud flaps, front and rear work lamps)

- Door animation sounds

- Doors and rear windows open from the outside

- Realistic smoke

- Cushioned driver's seat

- Passenger

- Moving gears

- Mobile pedals: gas, brake, clutch

- Mobile hand gas

- Mobile axis

- Real engine sounds

- A moving cardan shaft

- A movable RPM tip

- Warning light (rooster)

- Dynamic hoses

- Moving door


- Many configurations have been added, currently there are about 24 of what I remember

Weight a little big, but I think configurations will reward this weight :)

They may be underdeveloped, I will try to improve how it will be for whom.


Link changes, take out with another description, spoof the authors, add to modpack!




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