Universal 445-550 DTC Series v1.0

Universal 445-DTC and 550-DTC are old classic tractors from Romania, made between 1972 and 1981.

This mod is resembling Slovenian version of it from year 1981.


1. Two tractors: 445-DTC & 550-DTC

2. Wheel configurations: basic, wide, narrow, dual

3. Design configurations: beacon, double beacon, new & second hand looks

4. All original FS17 features + Reworked tire pressure shader

5. IC (Interactive Control) for doors and rear window

6. Support for Gearbox addon

7. Animated engine belt and cooler ventilator

8. Interior animations: RPM, Fuel, Operating Time

9. Sounds using capabilities presented in FS17

10. Script for animated entering/exiting (Shift + E)

11. DynamicHoses support: 2x hydraulic, 2x air, 1x electric




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