Lokomo 928 Forest v1.0

Hello Community Modhub, Today I am proud to put you in DL a rival for the JD 548h, The Famous Lokomo 928 Debardeur (Lokomeri) A model which was born in the year 1980 and which was released in model forwarder and top by cable, this version was improved by implanting a bending arm, front blade functional, articulated, retro, rear lift with blade, functional side door, This model is impressive for its game at the base I had to implant self propelled wheel but I prefer to leave the wheels of a kirovets, given the size of the machine, A rear lift was put in place to acceuilir a second detachable blade, but you are not obliged to tie this blade and hitch your personal tools, functional PTO with multiple fastener for different Implement and Trailer, on this fun you well.



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