Deutz D8006-13006 v1.0

Hello community,
I have here for you the series 06 of player1 for ls 17.
I did not build the mod and did not convert.
I have provided the mod only with the different skins, changd the sound a bit, adapted the driving behavior and the standard tires increased because the built-in wide tires stupid Aussehn.alles other I did not.
There is still a lot to do on the mod such as the stamp on the windows
and ls 17 mature aufziehen.falls because who can help with advice and act would be happy
if he could get in touch with me.

so to the pack:
included are the 8006
The vehicles have all the Dynamic Hoses and a 10006 and 13006 with front hydraulics, there is also still. Ic control, of course, he has.
( In the front hydraulics, I've made the top link invisible as the trekker attaches to me only a tonne weight front and I do not need the top link. If you want to use it anderst can in the GE just the tick in the Hauer for the top link at Visibility reinsetzen and he will be visible again )
So and now I wish a lot of fun with the old iron pigs
If I have violated the rights or feelings of anyone please ask for a PN to solve the problem in the world.

Giants Software GmbH
Urmodell von Player1 [Schwabenmodding]
Modell überarbeitet: puma [FBM]
Umbau/LS17 Ready: Dani86 / Oldenfarm (FBM Oltimer-Team)
Sonstige: Puma / THFalcon / Ifko(nator)



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