Mix Station Pack English v1.2.0.0

This is a conversion of Kastor's Feed Mixing Plants.  ALL CREDIT GOES TO HIM,  I am taking no credit for this mod.  All I did was translate the displays and added signs to the mixing bays to show what goes where.  I know there will be people who will scream "How dare you reupload this mod"  etc all the usual complaints.  I dont care about those comments,  I did not do this to steal his mod and claim it as my own!  All I did was put several hours work into converting the displays to make it so people who read english and dont know what the displays say in german could have a mod they can understand better,  If you like the mod great.  If you hate it delete it and go on with your gaming.  I ran this in my game with this as the only mod in the mods folder and got NO Errors in the log file.  Hope you enjoy it.



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