Old Streams Map v1.0.1

ChangeLog v1.0.1
- Added Crane for timber at sawmill
- Delete Errors:  fxCircleShader.xml'.
- Adjust the ground on all map
- Removing grass on the road
- Removing grass In buildings
- Delete colision sawmill (woodChips)
- The interaction marked zone Adjust
- Adjust cars parquing
- Add logo work in farm
- Change the silo farm ( now accepted: wheat rape barley maize sunflower soybean grass_windrow dryGrass_windrow straw)
- Adjust TipCol BunkerSilo (silage)
- Adjust Doors Work farm
- Change pallets texture black
- Adjust gain cultures
- Corrections other small problem
- Vehicle reset point on farm and shop
- Milk transport manuel
- décograss deletable

BlackSheep Modding




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