Maverick Multifruit NO TRAIN Edition v1.0.6



Sommige mensen hebben problemen met de kaart. Dit komt om de beide versies dezelfde naam hebben. We hebben dit probleem nu opgelost. Hier is dus een nieuwe download link.

Some people habv problems with download because both maps have the same name. We fixed that and renamed the map without train. So here is the the new download link for that map.

Manche Leute haben Probleme mit dem Download, da beide Karten den gleichen Namen haben. Wir haben das repariert und die Karte ohne Zug umbenannt. Also hier ist der neue Download-Link für diese Karte.
And yes we are working on a new map and we will keep you up to date on this website. The release date is unknown at this moment.

BDBSSB for the support ,the great factory idea and the nice modsLBG group for testing the mapShywizard (youtube)and to help making the map seasons readyNick the Hick (youtube)A special thank you to chaseydog (pc-sg modding )A special thank you to my tester from LBG groupModders (sorry if i forget someone)renebjoker35BlackyNils23RC-Devil-BlackSheepFendtfan1Vanquish081SanAndreasscripts Kevin98 and MarhuVaszicsUrmodder: BaTt3RiEsusi29BaTt3RiE/Kobold KobyFarmeradsand all other modders . Allot respect


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