Golden Spike UPDATE (EN/RU) v1.4.2A

Map "Golden Spike"  Remake from 24.07.2020

Authors: Stanislav Stasenko, Igor Lymar, Andrey Krieger.

A lot has been changed on the map and more than 41 points have been added.More about them, you can

find out in the file DESCRIPTION it is located in the archive of the map, there you will also find the folder

BONUS with a special courseplay according to the author, as well as mod seasons

and others...

Built into the map: Compost master and Adon granules, now my PACK OF PRODUCTIONS

is not needed and will cause a conflict like the listed mods separately,

and also a conflict is noticed if there are GS, GC cards in the same folder with mods

and others on their basis: flickering of objects, blackening of the earth, and so on.


- Trains on the map are PRESENT!

- Mod containers and others are ABSENT!

- Semitrailer slabs for card TEMPORARILY ABSENT!


AlERK Modification (Creators of Manuscript GT)


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