Gemeinde Rade v2.0


Welcome to the beautiful Schleswig-Holstein directly on the Kiel-Canal. We tried to build them as real as possible.
Your farm is located in the middle of the map as well as the pig farm.

Changelog v2.0:
- traffic has been adjusted (no traffic jams)
- Gate fixed at the bale sale
- Siloplane fixed at the main house
- Lights installed in halls
- Streetposts completely replaced
- Road signs replaced
- fields in the editor
- Silo at the pig farm
- more TipCollis
- complete Mapfolder trimmed and optimized.
- diverse decoration objects
- NaviMesh of cows changed (Map freezes no more)
- Map folders cleaned up (about 36 mb minimized)

Chris, Matze - LsRealDrivers


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