Freiensteinau Map v2.1

Welcome to the beautiful Freiensteinau map

Version 2.1.0
Recent corrections and improvements to my map. There is not much time near FS19! Thank you for playing and helping to improve my card!
fixed optical errors
few smaller things changed at the yard
improving the city
new texture and streets
scripts bugs blocked
PDA improved
map a little detoxified
other little things and improvements

Here you will find a large yard with a grass / straw storage, a seed master and fertilizer.
The city is the main hub, where you can find almost everything. Trade, sawmill, animals, fertilizer, straw sale, machine dealer and many more
The pigs are on a separate farm, far from the town.
The map has a realistic and beautiful landscape, it has become the most important for us.
There are large and small fields that belong to you (no fields available).
Under the forest is a large BGA. There is enough space, which one can possibly have his contracting company. Seed and fertilizer are available.
Map has no fatal errors, but it is the first version after the beta version (private)
Have fun playing
Yours sincerely
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