Coldborough Park Farm V1.0.0.1

Welcome to Coldborough Park Farm, based on a real life location and working farm and set in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside.
Enjoy farming across this British rolling landscape. Whether you prefer Arable, Livestock husbandry, or forestry, this map will suit you perfectly.

- This map includes all Farming Simulator 17 features.
- Custom crop textures, 3 separate farms, several small storage yards and 2 Sell points.
- Bio Gas Plant, Bio Heating Plant and Livestock Market.
- Tip Collisions on every barn you can tip in. Muck out your Cattle and Pig sheds to keep them clean.
- Two main forestry areas, plus smaller woodlands for you to cut down as well as a sawmill
- Challenging terrain, Animated Gates, Doors, and Lights.

I hope everyone will enjoy this map, based on the real life farm that I grew up on. Feel free to check it out on Google Earth and compare the real life farm with the virtual one.
- BulletBill83




  • scrapyardguitar (Guest)

    2017-10-20 09:15:30

    Really enjoying working this map, set in the countryside on the borders with Wales with UK shaped fields on low rolling hills. You easily get the feeling that Coldborough Park Farm itself has developed from land that has been worked for hundreds of years. A must for any UK farmers. If only there were more right hand drive vehicle mods out there then this would be perfect. Well done BulletBill83

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