Apache Hills v1.1

Changelog 1.1

Fixed Cowzone

Fixed Cow Bunker

Removed grass on roads.
OK guys here's the map ive been working on for a while now. The map has standard fruits and cows only. the area i did was in south Texas mainly flat land but some small rolling landscape. it has 2 sell points for grain and one for potato and sugar beets.There is extra storage at billingers. All the grass is mow able and it has chopped straw and multi terrain and dynamic sky. If you find anything wrong let me know and ill do my best to fix it.Enjoy.




  • MikeH (Guest)

    2018-10-23 23:52:50

    The map seems to have an issue. Whenever I attempt to move in a vehicle, it won't stop. Map is not playable.

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