Alpina Map v1.0


This is an alpine map, with many mountains, steep slopes for mowing. There are 2 grain farms, 1 cow farm, 1 pig farm, 1 sheep farm.
The hay barn is outside the farms, and is used as a common silo.

Getreidehof (Gross): Fertilizer Seed, Buyable, Fertilizer, Seed-Maker
Cow farm: grass, hay, straw storage, silage keil silo, silage high silo.
Pigs: Pig chowder maker
Production: Produces seed, pork feed, compound feed for the cows every 3 tons of pallets
Sawmill: At the sawmill, wood can be loaded onto the train or processed into boards. Woodchips can be sold.
BGA: Silage can be unloaded with a trailer directly at the bunker, or with the shovel as usual.

Merge Fields:
- 1,2,3
- 26.27,44
- 12.25
- 8.25

your TuneWar

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