DDR Minol filling station v1.0


Here we, the Ostmodding friends, will provide our Minol petrol station.

The gas station is a joint project of us and actually also for us. But now we have decided to make the gas station available to everyone, because what is useful to us the fun on the hard drive.
The service station itself must be installed with the GE and contains neither triggers nor coli. The Coli is only active on the railing. So you can block the gas station even with little space and still comes with a large device to the columns.

You may block the gas station with you on the map and also gladly pass the map including petrol station.
Names can, but need not be mentioned.

Placeable version is planned and is also to come to the DL.
Have fun with it.

All the nonsense with not uploading elsewhere, etc., we spare ourselves here now times.
Does not hold any.

Modell: steven85, DerRobi66Textur: steven85, DerRobi66Script:Idee / Konzept: steven85, DerRobi66, nets80Tester: steven85, DerRobi66, nets80Sonstige:


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