Claas Cougar 1400 v1.0

This is the claas cougar converted from FS 15.

Richwoodrocket (Conversion to FS 17)Modell: Geri-G Textur: Geri-G NewSkin:Checker507 NewSound:Checker507 Script: Outlaw LS11 ready: Chan Fixes: Zeph



  • pippi (Guest)

    2017-01-10 17:56:32

    Does not show up in store

  • lampe (Guest)

    2017-01-10 18:21:58

    No dows not show up

  • ghost_7075 (Guest)

    2017-01-11 00:17:27

    needs work the steering is wrong the A an the D are backwards an also you cant pick up the mowers after its running needs alot of work i like it but needs work..... :(

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