The Fliegl Gigant ASW 491 v1.2


Good day,

Version 1.2
Added InputBinding

A new day, a new mod. This is a Fliegl ASW 491. It is a Wunschmod, so I brought it out. In principle this is my ASW 391 with a fourth axle.
The Abschiebewagen serves to transport the crops. It is particularly suitable for fast transport. As it pushes the cargo out to the rear, the Fliegl ASW can also be used well in flat buildings and unloading sites.
The ASW is in its own shop category.

Version 1
Vehicle Info:
Chassis: Tridem with steering axles
Construction: Fliegl ASW green / black
Purchase price basic version: 46.500 €
Daily costs: 20 €
Capacity: 45000l
Working width manure spreader: 15m

Selectable colors for the rims
Fliegl design in green or black
Bendable drawbar
Tree trunks can be thrown out
Selectable tire profiles (agricultural / tractor profile)
Unloading via tailgate or grain shifter
Configurable with: load compartment cover or manure spreader ***
By design color, the color of the tarpaulin can be selected
DynamicHoses are installed
*** IMPORTANT: Reconfiguration from the ASS to the manure spreader or back should only be done when the body is completely empty (except for the luggage compartment cover) !!

So much for this mod. Have fun: P
MfG, Cougii
PS: No re-host and stuff!

Modell: GIANTS, Klawkalash, Cougii, Texturen: GIANTS, Klawkalash, CougiiTester Singleplayer: KingQuantum, CougiiTester Multiplayer: Joe_Matthew, Malle, CougiiLicht-Coronas von ZibergDynamicHoses von bm-moddingaddStoreCategory von IfkonatorNumberPlates von Blacky_BPG


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