Old Forage Wagons Tandem v1.1

Old Forage Wagons Pack Tandem Version

- Multiplayer ready
- Little Fixes

This pack contains ten different loaders from ten different manufacturers and based on krone turbo 3500. The forage wagon are suitable for medium-sized farmers.

Price: 25000 €
Daily Upkeep: 40 € / day
Capacity: 24500l
Needed Power: 60hp
Max. Working speed: 15 km / h

-FS17 standard functions (new converted from FS15)
-Dynamic hoses (configurable)
-Buyable blades
-Changeable blades (configurable)
-Silage additives (Silage tank configurable)
-Buyable silage additives tank
-Animated scraperfloor
-New animated parts
-New sounds (Scraperfloor)
-Brand configurable (Decals)
-Available colors for the desired brand (Some parts can be single configuarble with differnt colors)
-Wheel Configuration
-Configurable parts

Fabian/Gogobear, Tornuto, penni1000, Stefan Maurus, Der Tester


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