Grave Meier dumpers v3.0


Hello dear LS players,

Version 3.0
- Optimized driving behavior
- Texture enhancements
- chassis color selection (red & black)
- revised chipping animations

Today I present my Grabmeier Muldenkipper for the LS17 for download.
The trailer was completely textured and brought into the LS17. He now has a subtle shine like the standard vehicles when he was washed and can of course be dirty.
It is equipped with all the innovations from the Ls17, as for example. Lights, collisions and tipping particles system. In addition, there are some model enhancements.
Purchase price: 24500 €
Daily cost: 50 €
Loading volume: 36000 l
Fruchtsorten: all fruit varieties and what can be transported otherwise
I hope you like the mod. Have fun with it!



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