John Deere 8RT 2010 EU/US v2.0

First official release on public page, Enjoy and please KEEP ORIGINAL LINK ~ JHHG Modding
Addons & changes:

- Real GPS Mod by Martin Fabík!

- Dynamic Hoses Script

- IC Script

- Speed Joystick Script

- Cab Controls Script

- Vibirations Script

- Add Configurations Script

- Tracks Physics Script

- Exhaust Script

- new Exhaust Script

- Seat Suspension Script

- Monitors Script

- Remodeled engine parts

- Remodeled Cab with proper lights and mirrors

- New ladder

- New, proper Exhaust

- New halogen lights

- New, realistic 8R 2010 sounds

- New textures with John Deere® hexcode Green & Yellow

- New custom Speculars (Dirt Mask)

- Added normal maps

- Reduced zip file

- Reduced GE file

- Cleared xml file

- All lights have been scripted anew

- New Tracks with new diffuses and custom specmaps

- New Track's wheels

- Front weight configurations

- Motor configurations

- Tracks configurations

- Greenstar configurations

- Back attacher configurations

- Logo configurations

- Frame weights configurations

- Beacon configurations

- Motor block model configurations

- Exhaust Configurations

- Warning signs configurations

- Mirrors configurations

- Horn configurations

- Weights style configurations

- Grill style configurations

- Tracks weights configurations

- Tools configurations

- New cab details

- Hydraulic cylinders for IC door and window

- Lot of new IC animations

- Cab details with separate lights

- Reverse lights with custom sound

- New, high quality decals

- vechicleShader: Dust and Dirt effects

- Vibirations: motor - separate script for every single part, Exhaust, cab, mirrors, ladder, Warning signs, beacon, window, door, light bar, lights, Starfire3000, tanks,
*Credits for original model: LS-Pics by EpicPryda, TechMod

*Credits for edit: JHHG Modding & LS-Pics by EpicPryda, Martin Fabík - Real GPS Scripts, Siid Modding - universal specmap

JHHG Modding
LS-Pics by EpicPryda
Martin Fabík
SiiD Modding


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