JOHN DEERE 6920S v2.0


- Washable
- Opening the door, rear window and side windows Panel IC
- Detachable front fenders on the approach (key R)
- Moving tips of rotation, speed and fuel level
- Movable front axle
- Mirrors
- Sound-cabin
- 3 types of tires (inline Trelleborg) (Standard Michelin) (Twin rear Trelleborg)
- Equipment Front Tuz
- Work lights, turn signals, Roosters Warning
- Left Opening Doors to approach key (R)
- Log Games clean

Version V2
- New washable
- New driving physics
- New configurations
- Improved animation

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Model: Bigfarmer135, kondziu 25, ShaderModdingTexture: Bigfarmer135, kondziu 25, ShaderModdingScript: Bigfarmer135, kondziu 25, ShaderModdingIdea / Concept: Bigfarmer135, kondziu 25Testing: Bigfarmer135, kondziu 25, ShaderModdingOther: Bigfarmer135, kondziu 25, ShaderModding


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