Farming Simulator 17 – Garage Trailer

Do you want to know about farming simulator 2017? Just go on and take role of modern-day farmer in Farming Simulator 2017. Simply immerse yourself in the virtual world with massive new content including new vehicle brands, animals, game-play mechanics as well as exhaustive North American Environment. There are lots of new features loaded in this game and some of them are customized vehicles, multiplayer modes involving up to 16 players at a time and others. There is also drivable garage trailer offered in this game for easy transportation of fresh farm produce, cargos, and logs from the bush and other heavy items that need to be transported in and out of the farm.

The Farming Simulator 17 New Vehicles

The truth is that farming simulator 17 is coming with massive offer to modern day virtual farmers. Players will find any kind of vehicles that need for their modern agricultural work. New vehicles are also added in this game to offer players unsurpassed modern farming experience in the gaming world.  Currently there is about 250 vehicles from reputable auto makers the world.

Select From Well Licensed Vehicle and Equipment Brands in Farming Simulator 17

You can easily find customizable vehicles for your modern farming and transportation experience through Farming Simulator 2017. There are up to 75 licensed brands offered on this game and some of them include: Valtra, Challenger, Massey Ferguson and lots more. You can check the link above to read more about the vehicle brands coming for this wonderful and exclusive game.

Let the Trailer Do Most of the Heavy Transporting Work for You

There are vehicles for every transportation needs in Farming Simulator 2017. The garage trailer is designed mainly for some heavy duty tasks like carrying fresh farm produce in cargo and others.




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