Cantabria Infinita v1.6


- New crop: TOBACCO- New plant: Composting machine (Straw + Water = Compost)- New factory: Cigar factory (empty pallets + pallets of planks + tobacco = pure pallets + chopped)- Deletion of script: GMKFC_Mod (textures fertilizer on the ground) Now should load with the mod of seasons, but no snow.- Now hops are planted with "planter"- Textures of darkened clay and that of dynamic clay now looks more like that of the soil.- Several problems solved
FOR SAVED PARTIES. You will see the compost with grass on the ground, move the file fruit_density (from the folder of our savegame) to another folder to regenerate it. HARVEST BEFORE ALL THE FIELDS! Since the states of the fields are lost and return as at the beginning of the game.
Cantabria Infinite, multifruit map based on the area of Argoños, Cantabria.

Various factories, Felling area, animals, choppedStraw,

PalletSampler, BGA, hops, apple, olives, grapes..

Contact: [email protected]/* */

By Critical.Special thanks to all modders who have made this map possible;Marhu, BlackSheep, kevink98, Farmer_Andy, Kastor, Nils23, Slowtide63, Vanquish081... etc.



  • andre (Guest)

    2017-07-27 17:27:29

    esta versão funciona com o mod estação??????

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