Battledown Farms v1.0

Welcome to Battledown.

This map is uk based but fictional. You will find plenty to look at and lots to do as you try to make a profit off the land. You now own the farm and a couple of fields and have the Peterson's over the valley. Over time the land has been worn away and the river has all but dried up and this has lead to some interesting terrain. The undulating land will prove a challenge and some planning will be needed to work the tricky slopes around the map. Vehicle choice will be important for some roads and fields but with careful driving large machines will get around.

There are 54 fields 2 are owned at the start. Field 16 and 47.

On the map there are. Cow, Sheep, Chickens, Pigs, Beef and forestry as well. Extra Multi fruits are Oats, Sunflowers and Rye.

Details of the map..

There is one main farm, Battledown but off that there are many smaller yards and store places. The farms grains can be stored just up the road at the silo storage and also at Coopers. For grain sale you need to go to Petersons Farm who also take potato and beets.

Back at Coopers you have the vehicle shop, wool sell point, hardpoint garage and storage for potato, beets, silage, bales and vehicles. Drive through Coopers and it leads down to New hope farm which has the beef and pigs. Theses are sold at the Market.

There are two Forestry areas and logs plus chippings form them can be sold at Petersons lumber yard.

Cows and chickens Can be found at Battledown with the sheep in some fields down by Petersons Farm. Milk is sold at midnight. Eggs can be sold at Tanners yard.

Map is soil mod ready.

Mods for map.
VGA PDA SchweineMast:

Battledown credits. Map by FarmfarmKimG for adding multi fruit on the base map (Thornton Farm by Oxygendavid)Soil textures by melfroy used on the base map (Thornton Farm by Oxygendavid)Map testers-Thankyou to you all.Bulletbill83BlobbyfarmerDustydaveJonathanfarndellOxygendavidAkuenziThis is my first map and couldn't have happened without the help of Bulletbill83. Thankyou so much for all you have done for me. A big thanks to Blobbyfarmer and Mappers Paradise for support from start to finish. Jonathanfarndell for advice and getting me mapping. Lastly Oxygendavid. Thnakyou for letting me use Thornton Farm and just about every model and texture you have made. This map wouldn't of made it without you.Credits for Map Objects and texturesoxygendavidbulletbill83Somethingonmyshoe2blobbyfarmerDustydaveDzikiDzikrobbieJendrekMappers ParadiseK&K Modding TeamLuculusBenedictTMChtisebSotillo Modding IndustriesLarsen & Larsen ModdingRaptor5BenedictAlex2009Mfg Bernaschtvon kyokoyama777CHRIS1988KolbenfresserSean6920sLuculusmarhuDecker_MMIVTHomasSirJoki80DorsetWBFchris7710petoriousNI ModdingLJW moddingfatianVaszicsjavieroo7juanathanlsm moddingchriss 1988kolbenfresserzefirmafia73Team FRABELBlacksheep ModdingcsmcFinitejauchebpaulekazuracreative moddingimschonenwildcottcoufyvanillaice87Larsen moddingT7070powerwebalizersandgropervertex designslancyboiXentroAny models, textures or anyone and anything missing please do Pm me on and i will correct the credits.Farmfarm.


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