Altenstein Map v1.2.1.0


Altenstein is a small map, which is mainly designed for oldtimers and small machines. Whether you work on the field, in the stable or in the forest is up to you.

Changelog v.
- release on console
- performance fixes(clip distance, cos power...)
- materials fixed
- folder structure optimized

Please start a new savegame.

Changelog v1.1.0.0
- sellpoints for wool, straw and eggs
- pig feeding and straw trigger fixed
- seed and fertilze loadingpoints
- gasstations
- three more silos
- workshop on the farm
- unevenness on fields reworked

Changelog v.
- map extension with new fields, meadows, buildings ...
- vehicles for missions spawn correctly
- ready for seasons mod
- remodeling the farm
- sheep area rebuilt
- gravel path removed
- 3 new sales points
- tipcollisions adjusted
- free water at the stream next to the village bridge
- road and passenger traffic
- straw, wood and wool sales rearranged
- objects underneath the map removed



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