Teleport player and vehicles to any point of the map.




  • sadam (Guest)

    2016-10-27 16:52:34

    how use this mod and thn....s

  • zzz (Guest)

    2016-10-28 15:05:32

    Does it work at all?

  • Barry (Guest)

    2016-10-29 03:19:39

    Use F11 key to transport the vehicle point your cursor anywhere on the map.

  • Aaa (Guest)

    2016-10-29 11:43:34

    Awesome. Cheers.

  • KT (Guest)

    2016-11-06 17:43:42

    I tried it and not very smooth one vehicle just keeps flipping over and over

  • ERIC (Guest)

    2016-11-07 13:45:48

    Works, but only once, then you have to get the farmer in and out the verhicle and it works again. And 80% of the time the verhicle stays flipping around in the sky. IF you can repair that your the man!

  • mmg (Guest)

    2016-11-22 18:34:15

    Tis mod blows damn tractor gets stuck around trees n poles

  • Barry (Guest)

    2017-01-31 01:57:28

    Works perfect in 2015 there are some bugs in it that I wish someone could fix. Flying through the air and doing somersault's is not fun.

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