Fliegl Pallet Filling System v1.0.0.2

With the Flieglstation you can create pallets like the name, but this is not all that this device can do, bales or BigBags are also possible.

Color selection

Dirt / Washable

tractor power required at least 300 hp
Brief introduction to machine operation:
1. Disconnect the Fliegl station from the tractor

2. Start the main engine

3. Start the Flieglstation (speed goes up)

4. Switch on the pallet production

5. when pallet full pallet slides are used to push out.

6. Insert the pallets slider.
Currently, FillTypen supported:

Potato sugarBeet milk seeds fertilizer pigFood woodChips silage straw grass_windrow compost biogas

Credits: Farmer Andy, Ifkonator




  • confused (Guest)

    2017-05-17 00:01:35

    great mod but I cant get more than two pallets done and then she retires for the day. what am I doing wrong? if anyone can assist that would be great.

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