Boeing V-22 Osprey Mod by LAMBO v1.0


Farming Simulator 17

Boeing V-22 Osprey Mod
Hey guys! I have been doing my best to figure out all the fine details on this Beast! So far some features it has.    --- LAMBO-MODS (dot)com
Passenger Script

Opening Cargo bay

Unpack from storage mod

Responsive engine thrusts movements

3 lifting cables

Multiple engine configs for heavy loads

Heads up display

Wiper Animations for Aircraft flight

Attachers at nubs on bottom of Aircraft

Animated landing gear, hold button till wheels lock for full experience.
Some upgrades I am working on for it.

Upgraded cargo hold visuals


Cargo Net
Airlift able mods:

FS17 | Storage Airlift capable

lambo3d_modeling: mechman




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