New Holland TC 5090 Brazilian Editionr v1.1.0.2

There was a error with the right dual of the combine. Now Fixed! (Only change made).

Today I bring you a version of the New Holland TC made in Brazil.

The TC 5090 is bassicaly the same as the EU version, however with a little more power and capacity.
Has standart script.

Capacity 6400L.

Headers with 23ft and 25ft

Animations on grain tank and ladder as usual.

Single wheels and Duals option.

There will be 3 links to download.

The firts one is the combine.

The second, is a Rostelmash header with NH colors 23 ft.

The last one is a MacDon 25ft (same Massey Activa Header 25ft, just changed skin)
Have Fun!

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